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Bricks & Mortar

Architecture, Cultural Design and Experience Design

Experience Design

Empathy Driven • Service Strategies • Usability Metrics

Experience design finds real meaning in understanding behaviors across a series of parallel systems, spanning physical and digital environments: moving through space, interaction with others and emotional affect. Designing these systems to take user-driven data into account can enhance engagement, satisfaction and advocacy for users.


Buildings • Interiors • Services

Architecture gave me a strong foundation in user-centric design thinking and has allowed me to have meaningful impact on how people live, work and interact in their physical, emotional and digital capacities.
My work has ranged across multiple sectors and sizes, leading cross-disciplinary teams of designers, engineers and other professionals.

Nike NRG 'Prefontaine'
Refurb and addition of additional floor for Nike's top secret influencer space, Prefontaine
Holiday Inn, Sunnpark
Refubishment of 25 story residential building into a hotel.



Social Ecologies

Cultural Design • Urban Development • Workplace Experience

I aim to go beyond architecture as the design of space by applying critical thinking and design strategy to create a sense of place. I see the world around us as an ecology of systems where design thinking facilitates urban development to improve the quality of life. This includes: social interaction, economy, food systems, technology, public space, housing, infrastructure, mobility, operational efficiency and cultural development to name but a few.