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Crafting with the Code of Life

Architecture gave me a strong foundation in user-centric design thinking and has allowed me to have meaningful impact on how people live, work and interact.

My personal journey has allowed me to employ this thinking across multiple scales, leading cross-disciplinary teams, in physical & digital space but always keeping the human heart beating at the center of it. This story starts at the smallest scale of my current work in an environment where atoms and DNA have impact on the the outcomes at human scale.

But come along and watch my story expand...


Architecture • Experience Design • Design Research

Modern Meadow is a pioneering biotech company that revolutionizing new materials through biofabrication for the benefit of consumers and the planet. Biofabrication allows scientist, designers and engineers to produce protein-based materials like leather in a lab allowing a controlled product lifecycle, less harm to the planet and not to mention, no animal needed.

My work here ranged from the development and design of their human ecology strategy for the new Modern Meadow HQ, including R&D lab and manufacturing facility, to the experience design of the pop-up store created for the launch of the new brand, Zoa in SoHo, NYC. See more Modern Meadow work here.

See more Experience & Design Research work here .

Below I am discussing the role design plays in biotechnology and science for Modern Meadow.

Cultivate: A Speculative Wetware Store

Systems Thinking • Critical Research • Future Narratives

Cultivate is a speculative research project I created to research branding and product possibilities of the future, especially consumer products that we are about to encounter coming from the biotechnology sector. It is a future wetware store, comparable to today's hardware store, where one learns to cultivate your own materials, grow and sell your own products and it provides the support you might need along they way.

Link to Cultivate Website


Critical Research • Chemical Hacking • Future Manufacture Systems

Architectural research into the role that chemistry and the environment plays in life, growth and building structures.
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